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Maternity & Newborn FAQs

Maternity & Newborn Session Details and FAQs

Karen Laine Photography specializes in Newborn and Maternity photography. Karen is currently the only APNPI certified newborn photographer in McKinney.

Newborn and Maternity Sessions – Why You Need Both

NEWBORN SESSIONS are about all the sweet little squishy baby bits and capturing who your new little person is, how he/she looks (and who he/she looks like!) in those first days of getting to know them – it’s about a new mommy; a new daddy; your new family. You will certainly want to remember each sweet little detail, many of which seem to fade overnight. But before you got to this moment, there was a whole roller coaster ride of new experiences that are just as important!

THE MATERNITY SESSION, is about the celebration of those moments and discoveries – What was it like to find out you were expecting? What's unique about your pregnancy story? What was it like to see your spouse/significant other’s reaction? How have you each changed and grown over the last few months? Your love for each other, the beauty and strength of a woman, and the anticipation and wonder while waiting to meet this new little person are all worth cherishing! This amazing time in your life is experienced by most women and couples only a few times at most.

The two sessions are each equally important in their own right.

Maternity Session Frequent Questions

Where will my session take place?

Your session can take place in our quiet and private downtown McKinney studio, or on location around the city or other beautiful outdoor spot.

What will I wear? Do I need to purchase my own gowns?

We will plan at length your style and wardrobe including some stunning gown and fabric choices from our studio wardrobe. We will also give you a complete list of suggested items from your own closet to bring to your session, such as suggested bra and undie choices, camisoles or tank tops, jeans, sweaters, wraps, and maxi dresses. There is usually NO NEED to purchase any special items for your session.

How many outfit changes will I get?

We will do three to four looks including couple’s photos. These may include fabric drapes/implied nudes, gowns, street clothes with belly peeks, and couples/family set ups.

Should I have my hair and make up done?

Your session will include professional hair and make up so that you feel your very best. We ask that you bring your own foundation and mascara, which our artist will apply for you. If she feels that your foundation is not a suitable skin tone match, she will add in or substitute her own product. Please arrive with your faced freshly washed and moisturized.

How long will my session last?

We try to keep shooting time to an hour so you will still feel fresh when your session is complete. Total time for hair, make up, and session with wardrobe changes is around 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

When is the best time for my maternity session to occur?

Maternity Sessions should take place around 34 weeks for a nice round belly and an energetic momma, but certainly can be done earlier or slightly later.

Newborn Session Frequent Questions

What are Karen Laine Photography’s experience and qualifications for photographing newborns?

Karen Laine Photography specializes in newborn portraiture. Karen has the distinction of being McKinney's only APNPI certified newborn photographer. This qualification is gained after passing a thorough newborn safety training course that includes newborn physiology, safe handling, and how to recognize subtle indications of newborn health and wellbeing, in addition to a rigorous portfolio review. Additionally, she is certified in infant/child and adult CPR. Karen has been photographing newborns for over ten years and has trained with top internationally known newborn and maternity specialists. As the mother of seven and grandmother of nine, safety is Karen’s top priority. She photographs babies because she loves them and cares for their well being first and foremost.

When should I book my newborn session?

The earlier the better, as spots fill quickly. Newborn sessions should be pre-booked by the 7th month of pregnancy for the best chance of availability. Most parents secure their spot in the 5th-6th month.

Does my baby need to be a certain age for photos?

In order for baby to be most flexible and relaxed, and to avoid baby acne (for best poses, skin, and happiest babies), we recommend sessions taking place between 5 and 14 days of age, and this is what we term “Newborn” for the purpose of photo sessions. However, Karen has extensive experience with posing and photographing older newborns. Our studio will take older newborns up to six weeks, but older newborn sessions do incur a slightly higher session fee. After six weeks, we recommend opting for a lifestyle session or waiting for a 3 or 6 month milestone/family session.

How long does the session last? Where will it take place?

Posed newborn sessions can take from 2-3 hours and are done in-studio where we can control the environment for the comfort and safety of baby.

Do I need to purchase props or bring outfits?

We have hundreds of props, backdrops, wraps, layers, outfits, hats, and headbands to design your baby’s session. You do not need to purchase or bring anything extra for the session other than a pacifier, diapering and wipe supplies, and extra feeding supplies. We are currently unable to incorporate outside props/outfit requests due to sanitation and safety concerns. Sessions take place in our McKinney studio. In home lifestyle sessions are considered on a limited basis.

Can we do shots with mom and dad or my other children?

Absolutely! Family and sibling photos usually turn out to be the most important photos for our families! Sibling and family set ups are included in the session, but will reduce the number of baby only set ups we have time for. During this time of heightened health precautions, we ask that all participants in the session live in the same household.

How many different looks will our session have?

We aim for at least four unique sets including family/sibling, but can vary a little depending on baby. Not every baby will do every pose, so adjustments are sometimes made. These sets typically include family/sibling, 1-2 prop sets, and 1 to 3 fabric backdrops.

How is the look of our session decided?

Based on thorough consultation, Karen will create her own artistic interpretation that complements your tastes in home decor and expresses you and your family’s personality, while maintaining the aesthetic and artist’s style shown throughout our website, marketing materials, and studio displays. In order to give you the personalized service we desire for every client, keep in mind this process takes time. We cannot guarantee the availability of in-person consultation appointments for sessions booked after the 8th month of pregnancy. In these cases, we will consult on color over the phone and put together your session style based on this conversation.

Do you offer in home sessions?

There are times where a lifestyle/documentary session makes the most sense. Our studio does offer a limited number of lifestyle/documentary sessions on a case by case basis. Call us to discuss your needs so we can determine if this is the best choice for your family.