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What Makes Us Different

What makes us different?

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall In love with these people.” - Annie Leibovitz


I don’t photograph strangers. In order to photograph you, I have to know you - know what’s important to you - know what lights you up.

What gives you purpose, makes you laugh, cry, push yourself to your limits….?

When you decide to trust Karen Laine with your portraits or the portraits of your sweet baby, we will go on a journey that will help you and I become well acquainted. We will kick this off with a phone call where we will spend 15 or 20 minutes just getting to know a little about each other. From this, I will begin to develop a vision for your session.

“A portrait has the power pull out the parts of you that you didn’t even know were there; to remind you of who you really are; to help you believe in your own value and purpose; to push you to be more - more of yourself; to reignite or deepen a relationship; to communicate the deep love words couldn’t.” - Karen Wood

Once you are booked in for your session, we will set up a time for a formal consultation to plan your session style and wardrobe, and begin to think about the art pieces that would best fit your home. We will continue to explore what you are most excited to express and discover in your photos. Whether that’s the way you feel when you snuggle your baby close and count those precious tiny toes, the butterflies you get when your love puts his hand on your “baby bump”, or the sense of strength and beauty you get from wearing one of our stunning gowns, we want to create photos that help you experience that over and over.

Through this journey, you’ll reach a sense of ease that makes the creation of the photographs a fun, relaxing, and uplifting experience where you can be fully you and completely empowered; totally connected to yourself, your loved ones, and your amazing life. The result will be honest, meaningful, and impactful images that you will be proud and excited to hang in prominent places in your home to enjoy every day.

Because these photos will be such a vital part of setting the tone in your home, our expert designers will work closely with you to design your art with just the right arrangements and finishes to perfectly anchor your decor.

The very best part of all of this is when your art arrives and you are able to hang it on your walls to share and enjoy every day. You can rest easy, knowing your beautiful new art pieces carry a lifetime limited guarantee!

Let's decorate your home with love!