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Moms Love a Little Me Time at Summer Moon

Summer Moon Coffee - Frisco Rail District

My daughter Santana is our family coffee recon officer. One of Santana’s local coffee obsessions is Summer Moon in the Frisco Rail District - and she’s not the only one. The first time she took us there, I wasn’t sure if it was a coffee house, or a cult. There were SO MANY PEOPLE there; Mom's with their babies visiting with friends, young couples enjoying some personal time, teen groups - every age enjoying the vibe and the treats. The line was basically out the building. It was nuts. But that many people can’t be wrong, right?

Now, I’m not going to lie. You pretty much need to download an instruction manual to figure out how to order a drink in this place. It’s that unique. And it all centers around Summer Moon’s signature sweetened milk. You choose your drink, and then order it as a full moon (very sweet, lots of milk), half moon (still sweet and milky), quarter moon (much subtler with more coffee flavor), and the Whisper (if you just want a hint of the milk and sweetness). This place definitely has the market cornered on a unique coffee house concept, and I love that. I’m still figuring out what “my” drink is there. I generally don’t use sugar in my coffee, but I do like it sweetened with some stevia or sometimes a little sugar free vanilla syrup. Those options aren’t really available at Summer Moon. For me, that makes Summer Moon a treat, not my go-to daily pick-me-up. Speaking of treats…mmmm, they have some great pastries!! Also sweet. Haha.

Summer Moon has a great little space, but it does feel a bit cramped, mostly because of how busy they always seem to be. The kids in the family love the outdoor games they have set up in the back “yard” space behind the building, which makes it a fun spot for mommas to sit, chat, and sip while the kids play.

All in all, this is a unique and worthy coffee house in a great location, and I am certain they are on track to take the North Texas area by storm.