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Moms Love Filtered Craft Coffee in Downtown McKinney

Filtered - Filter(ed) Craft Coffee

I love to find all the great little locally coffee shops any place I go. We have favorites in various cities from here to the west coast. I especially love the ones that roast their own beans, have signature drinks, or have unique pastries you can’t find anywhere else, or just have a unique vibe. We have, of course, found a couple favorites in our area, and luckily, one of them is right here in downtown McKinney, a quick walk from our portrait studio across the back alley.

Filter(ed) is one of those places that just has a cool, west coast vibe and great space. Yes, it has some signature drinks, and some good pastries, too, and one of my favorite things about it is that it offers Kombucha on tap. However, Filtered is just a great little hangout. They have a wealth of local art on the walls available for perusing or purchase, and even have artists work right in the shop on occasion, happily interacting with whomever wanders over to observe them. The kids in our families really enjoy watching the art happen live. There is a cozy back room for intimate conversation where you can often find homeschool moms making use of the large table, or remote workers or students chilling with their favorite treats while casually knocking out some work. There are also seating areas outdoors at both the front and back of the store. They even have a walk up window out front to order, so if you prefer to just stroll up with your baby or fur friend and grab a quick drink in between shopping stops, you can!

We’ve tried several of their seasonal special drinks and a number of the pastries and all were very good. They also have a case of bottled juice drinks and prepackaged sandwiches. I definitely recommend this great little downtown McKinney gem for taking a little escape from the kids (or with them), knocking out a little work, chatting with a friend, while enjoying a relaxing cup of your favorite coffee or tea indulgence.